Full Auctioneering Services

Brady Property Management are delighted to now be in a position to offer our clients full auctioneering services as Dublin Auctioneers.

As with our property management service we will be offering our clients a personalised and professional service ensuring that you maximise the value of your most valuable asset.  Brady Property Management would be delighted to offer you a free valuation and consultation on how best to present your house for sale. Book your free Dublin property valuation now.

Been a family run Dublin Auctioneers business we are in a position to offer our clients a bespoke service.  We work closely with our clients keeping them closely informed about progress so they have an input in the decision making.  We also advise on how best to present your house for sales viewings.  Having your property correctly presented is essential to maximise interest and sale price.  We can arrange all aspects of this for you from dressing the property for viewings, conducting repairs to have the property in is best presentable order, clear outs, garden maintenance etc.

Dublin Auctioneers offering Free Property Valuations

Auctioneers Dublin 5 Tips to Sell Your House


Where as you may enjoy that floral wallpaper in your living room, you have to remember that you will not be living there shortly and that it has come time to pass the property onto another loving owner.  That floral wallpaper might not be to everyone’s taste and may inhibited their ability to see themselves living there, so neutral decor is essential to appeal to the widest audience


One of the most sought after commodities when buying a property is space!  So it is essential to box away any unnecessary clutter, get rid of any excess furniture and even down size any oversized furniture for viewings.  This will create extra space maximising your property and make it more appealing to potential buyer


It’s essential that there is a warm inviting smell when you enter a property.  We all love our pets, but sometimes they are not as appreciated by others.  It can be a great idea to give soft furnishings and carpets a deep clean to help freshen the air.  You also want to ensure to treat any damp issues in the property to ensure there is no smell of must in the property.


The front of your house is the first thing that everyone will see and as we all know first impressions count.  It’s essential to clear those weeds away, clean those windows, make sure the paint work is fresh and it looks inviting.


The most essential technique is presentation.  There cannot be enough emphasise put on this.  It is essential to have your property clean, tidy and looking its best.

Auctioneers Dublin 5 tips to sell your House

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